Popenoe Method

The Art of Pronunciation

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About Joshua Popenoe

Joshua Popenoe is the creator of the POPENOE METHOD, a practical and effective American-English pronunciation course designed for Japanese and other foreign speakers of English.

Joshua grew up in the US, Malaysia, and England, before moving to Japan as a young adult. His early exposure to many different languages and accents was the beginning of a life-long interest in the sounds of language and how we create them.

After moving to Japan in 1981, Joshua worked as a studio vocalist, composer, lyricist, D.J., voice-actor, narrator, character-actor, pronunciation coach and live musician. He provided voice and/or music for TV and radio commercials for major companies, including Sony, Panasonic, Toyota, Hitachi, Mercedes Benz, Colgate, Fuji, Xerox, Victor, Lux, Canon, Honda, Bridgestone, and many others.

During his 16 years in Japan, Joshua coached business executives, singers and actors, and recorded a wide variety of audio-visual instructional material for language students of all ages and levels.

Commercials and songs Joshua composed and recorded in Japan
Minkan Hoso Renmei a cappella radio CM composed and sung by Joshua
Zero One Shop
Canon Zero One Shop a cappella radio CM composed and sung by Joshua
Pikie's Theme
Fuji TV's Hirake Ponkiki / composed and sung by Joshua
Panasonic radio commercial / the reporter is Joshua
Overdue Blue
Original song and lead vocal by Joshua
Guitar-Bill Benfield, Bass-Steven Ayers, Keyboard-Marty Lighthizer, Drums-Rob Anderson

The Art of Pronunciation

I call the study of pronunciation an art for two reasons; first, because my work in developing a method to teach pronunciation grew out of my artistic life as a singer and voice talent, and second, because for a foreign speaker, learning to pronounce English well requires desire, commitment, concentration, and love, all qualities required to make any practice an art.