Popenoe Method

The Art of Pronunciation


Why is learning the rhythm of English so important?

Natural speech moves too fast to focus clearly on every word, so we group words together into familiar patterns that help us understand. While each word is important, only certain words carry the specific meaning we're trying to communicate, and we stress those words. We call them "content" words. Other small, unstressed grammar words connect the strong content words, and give rhythmic shape and energy to the sentence. These are "function" words. This rhythmic contrast makes it easy to catch the content words, and is an essential part of good English pronunciation.

In "The Rhythm of New York" video series, we practice English rhythm patterns while exploring New York City. Come join me, practice can be fun!

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Watch Episode 1 to learn about English rhythm patterns,
and how we practice them in this video series.

"New York is a big beautiful city."
"How do I get to Times Square?"