Popenoe Method

The Art of Pronunciation


Video Lessons Over the Internet

Joshua Popenoe is now offering private and group lessons in the Popenoe Method to clients around the world using video over the internet. 

In addition to a complete course in pronunciation training, Mr. Popenoe also offers individual sessions to assist you with personal projects where English pronunciation is important.

Singers who want to improve their pronunciation before recording.
Actors who want to work on their audition dialogue.
Businessmen and women who want to prepare for a speech or negotiation.

Joshua is an experienced singer and voice actor, so in addition to improving your pronunciation, he will help you find the appropriate expressive tone for your work.

Due to the time difference between New York and Japan, lessons are only available in the evening Japan time, and openings for new students are limited.

Payment can be made through electronic bank transfer or Paypal. 

For additional details, please use the
contact page to email Joshua Popenoe.

Group Lessons