Popenoe Method

The Art of Pronunciation


Lectures / Workshops

Joshua Popenoe offers lectures and workshops for large and small groups, where he explains why English pronunciation is difficult for Japanese speakers, and demonstrates how the Popenoe Method can improve your English pronunciation. These lectures are presented with a powerpoint slide show, including exercises that attendees can try for themselves to see how their pronunciation will change. Please
contact us if you are interested in scheduling a lecture.

Watch several video clips from Joshua Popenoe's October 2009 lecture/workshop at the Nippon Club, in New York City.

1. Vowels

2. Four Syllables

3. "Salad"

4. Sentence Rhythm

5. Connecting Consonants

6. One Breath Pulse

Group Lessons

Workshop Comments

"At the workshop, I thought that you really know how we feel in the States when we speak English. And also, it was very encouraging to hear that we can learn to speak in a way that will be understood, and won't make people we talk to feel uncomfortable."

"I attended your workshop today, and it inspired me."

"Thank you so much for yesterday. We really enjoyed your lecture! And we'd like to use these techniques immediately."

"Thank you very much for having the workshop yesterday. It was a really great workshop. I liked your method and presentation very much. I already feel a difference (at least by myself)."